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How to Draw a Siberian Grandpa

how to draw a siberian grandpa

Hello! Today, our team has prepared for you a new drawing lesson, from which you will learn how to draw a Siberian grandfather.

Are you already have prepared your favorite type of paper, a pencil, and eraser? Then we begin!


Step 1

To start very clearly and in detail draw the position of our grandfather. In our example, the grandfather is in a pose with his hands rests on the sides. Perhaps he looks at the fruits of his labors, for example at just created matryoshka. The head is slightly tilted downwards, hands rest on the hips, legs apart to the sides.

how to draw a siberian grandpa step by step

Step 2

In this step of the drawing of grandpa we start drawing some face features. More precisely, we draw the lines which will help you to draw these facial features. The draw the semicircular ears. Recall, that we draw the classical Siberian grandfather, who is not afraid of even the most severe frosts. Therefore, our grandfather is dressed only in a tank top and shorts. On the feet of our grandfather we see valenki – a special winter shoes, that warms the feet better than the skin of a bear.

siberian grandpa drawing

Step 3

Now draw the grandfather’s head and facial features. Sketch out the bulbous nose, drawn by a single line, without lifting the pencil from the paper, and then a pair of eyes (it’s very simple, they look like elongated diamonds, only slightly rounded), and eyebrows – they remind quotes. Hairstyle must move in his beard, which, coupled with a mustache covers the whole lower part of his face. In the same stage draw the arms and gloves.

how to draw a russian grandpa

Step 4

The final stage by literally two or three strokes apply te folds on the shirt and shorts grandfather. Draw small dents on the boots and, of course, do not forget about the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes of our grandpa. That’s it, we’ve got a very nice and kind grandfather. We congratulate you on the execution of such an interesting figure.

how to draw a grandpa

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