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How to Draw a Chainsaw

How to draw a chain saw

Today Drawingforall.net will show how to draw a chain saw – a tool that has become not only a constant companion of bearded woodcutters, but also scoundrels from horror films. The fact is that in such objects as a chain saw there are a lot of small parts that are quite difficult to draw. But we tried to present the whole process of drawing a chain saw in such a way that readers of Drawingforall.net did not encounter difficulties.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a chainsaw with the fact that we outline the housing of this tool and the guide bar. In this step, these details look like an uneven semicircle and a long semi-rounded. Recall, use very light lines, so as not to face difficulties in erasing these guidelines in the future.

How to draw a chain saw easy

Step 2

Now let’s add some details to the housing of the chain saw. First, a make a few lines in the front surface to give the chain saw drawing some volume. Next, outline the front handle, front hand guard and starting pull handle. We will complete this step sketching the oil cap and the rear handle.

How to draw a chain saw step by step

Step 3

In the previous step, we finished sketching the main parts of the chain saw, and now we need to use darker and crisper lines to give the chain saw drawing a complete look. Also erase all unnecessary guidelines and add such details as a fuel cap and an air intake.

Chain saw drawing tutorial

Step 4

To give the chain saw drawing a beautiful and complete look, we need to add shadows. But first draw the spikes of the cutting chain on the long guide bar. Next, with the help of hatching, add shadows to the housing of the saw and some glare on the guiding bar with the help of a couple of long strokes.

How to draw a chain saw

As we wrote above, a chain saw is a fairly common tool, so you can draw a chainsaw separately, or in the hands of a woodcutter or Jason Voorhees. We really hope that this lesson was useful to you. If this is so, then be sure to post a comment, subscribe to us on social networks (we are in Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks) and share this lesson with those who also want to learn how to draw.


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