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How to Draw a Shovel

Shovel drawing

Hello, dear artists. The category “Tools” is quite new on our site and there are still quite a few drawing lessons, but we actively fill it. As you can see, here we will show you how to draw a shovel.


Step 1

First of all draw a long and straight line. We need it in order to make the shovel symmetrical and smooth.

How to draw a shovel

Step 2

At the upper part of the line draw out the shovel shaft in the form of an elongated rectangle.

How to draw a shovel

Step 3

At the very top draw out a handle grip and at the lower part draw out the blade.

Learn to draw a shovel

Step 4

The simplest step of the lesson on how to draw a shovel, where we will need to erase all unnecessary lines.

How to draw a shovel

Step 5

Let’s add a few final touches, such as a hole on the handle, lines on the shaft and blade.

Learn how to draw a shovel

Step 6

Now add some glare and shadows to the surface of our shovel using simple hatching.

Shovel drawing

We hope that your shovel drawing is similar to our example. At the end of the lesson we always give you additional advice, and this lesson is no exception. Pay special attention to symmetry. That is, the left and the rights parts must be exactly the same. If you have doubts about the correctness of the symmetry, then just bring it to the mirror and then you will see all the mistakes.


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