How to Draw Chibi Jason Voorhees

How to draw chibi Jason Voorhees

Chibi characters are very popular on our website and our readers very often ask us to draw different famous characters from movies in chibi style. Today we want to show you one of the most famous characters from horror films, the external image of which is probably known to everyone. So, let’s start the lesson about how to draw chibi Jason Voorhees.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head of our creepy character, drawing it in the form of such a round figure. Also, be sure to sketch two intersecting lines on the head.

How to draw chibi Jason Voorhees

Step 2

Now sketch the outlines of the torso and limbs, which should be much smaller than the torso and limbs of the regular human.

How to sketch chibi Jason Voorhees

Step 3

Using very dark and clear lines, carefully draw out the outlines of the eyes. Paint the pupils and leave some glare in them.

chibi Jayson Vurhiz drawing tutorial

Step 4

Now let’s get to Jason’s mask. Here we need to draw strips and holes on the surface of the hockey mask.

Learn how to draw chibi Jayson Vurhiz

Step 5

In this step, we finish drawing the head of Jason. Carefully draw out the outlines of the head, ear and straps as in our example.

How to draw chibi Jayson Vurhiz step by step

Step 6

Here we will move a little lower and work with the the torso and arms. Draw the neck and outlines of the collar and long sleeves.

Learn how to draw chibi Jayson Vurhiz step by step

Step 7

And in the last step of the lesson about chibi Jason Voorhees, we will draw the lower part of the jacket and the outlines of the short chibi legs.

How to draw chibi Jason Voorhees

Do not forget that when you draw chibi characters do not necessarily draw too many details. Also note that the feet and hands should be as simple as possible. As you can see, this is not the most difficult drawing lesson on our site. If you want to try to draw a more complex drawing, then visit other categories on our site or look for the desired lesson using the search field. Also do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks and share this drawing lesson with your friends.

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