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How to Draw a Wrench

How to draw a wrench

On our site there is a category under the name “tools” where we publish the most different tools, for construction and for other purposes. In this lesson we will show you how to draw a wrench.


Step 1

First of all sketch out the head and handle of the wrench using very light lines.

How to draw a wrench

Step 2

Continuing to use light lines, we sketch out the jaws, worm screw and hole at the tip of the handle.

Learn how to draw a wrench

Step 3

Now using clear and dark lines draw out all the details on the head of the wrench.

How to sketch a wrench

Step 4

Now go to the handle and draw out it in the same way, that is, using clear and dark lines.

Wrench drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now let’s add some shadows to the surface of our wrench drawing. As always, we use hatching for this.

How to draw a wrench

Here we showed you how to draw a wrench. Soon, the category “Tools” will be supplemented with lot of new drawing lessons, so visit our site as often as possible, so as not to miss new drawing lessons.

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