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How to Draw Pliers

How to draw pliers

It is impossible to imagine any tool box without pliers. With this truly simple tool you can grab something, twist and even hammer nails if necessary. So let’s start the lesson about how to draw pliers.


Step 1

Draw such a figure consisting of two parts with the help of very light geometric shapes.

How to draw pliers

Step 2

Add a few details, such as a round connection and the outlines of the handles.

Learn to draw pliers

Step 3

Using clear and dark lines draw out the outlines of the jaws of the pliers.

How to sketch pliers

Step 4

Here, using the same clear and dark lines, we will need to draw handles of pliers.

Pliers drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now add a few shadows to the side areas of the pliers to make them voluminous.

How to draw pliers

As you can see, it is very easy to learn how to draw pliers. What other tools or maybe not only the tools you would like to see among our drawing lessons? Write the topics of the desired lessons in the comments to this article. By the way, using the principles from this lesson you can draw not only pliers, but also clippers, cable cutters or even vise grips.

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