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How to Draw Batman’s Logo

how to draw batman's logo

In this really simple drawing lesson the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw Batman’s logo. This Batman logo drawing tutorial consists of several very simple steps, each of which has an extremely simple and understandable description. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw Batman’s logo!


Step 1

To draw Batman’s logo correctly, you must first create the guidelines of the drawing. In the center of the sheet of paper, draw two perpendicular lines. That is the lines that intersect at right angles.  Note that the horizontal line should be much longer than the vertical. How To Draw Batman's Logo

Step 2

Now using the guidelines from the first step draw an oval as in our example. The crossing of the lines must be exactly in the middle of the oval. To check the proportionality of your Batman’s logo drawing, just look at it through the mirror, and then all the mistakes in the proportions will be noticeable.

How To Draw Batman's Logo step by step

Step 3

Inside the oval draw another oval, but smaller and also perfectly smooth. Try to make these two lines the same across the entire area of the picture. You have now created the frame for the Batman logo.

How To Draw Logo

Step 4

Inside of the ovals, drawn earlier, draw the contours of the head and wings of the bat. The guidelines will help you to draw these details perfectly. And again, to check the accuracy of proportions, you can use a mirror.

How To Draw superhero Logo

Step 5

Now draw the outlines of the bat wings – they must be parallel to the ovals from the first steps. Note that both lines of the frame of the logo and the wings of the bat are at the same distance from each other.

how to draw batman sign

Step 6

Draw the lower part of the bat using curved lines. Don’t forget that the left and right sides of the logo should be as symmetrical as possible.

drawing batman sign

Step 7

Here you just need to erase all the guidelines and darken the lines of Batman’s logo drawing. The Batman logo drawing is almost ready. You need to make all the lines clear and dark. You can use a darker pencil, marker, or ink to trace your Batman logo drawing.

batman's logo drawing

Step 8

Now it’s time to paint the logo. You can paint the Batman logo in different ways – for example using crayons, markers, photoshop, paints, etc.

how to draw batman's logo

This was the tutorial on how to draw Batman’s sign. We hope that this lesson was interesting and informative for you. If you want to try to draw something more complicated, we recommend you our tutorials on how to draw Wolverine or how to draw Ben Reilly. In addition, do not forget that we have pages in all popular social networks, where we publish not only announcements of our upcoming articles, but also arts by our artists and shortened versions of already existing instructions.


  1. Really needed this for a project. Thanks. You should add in some Doctor who stuff.

  2. You guys should put some ninja turtles.
    You must get a lot of money who ever made these

  3. As you draw your Batman logo, sketch lightly at first. You will be erasing some of your earlier lines as you go along. Notice that in each illustration of this drawing guide, the new lines are highlighted in blue.

  4. THIS IS AMAZING! I like it cos naturally I love comics and I’m hoping to make one someday. I love drawing and painting. I’m 7. I’m Princess Kiara Lynn. I love batman

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