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How to Draw a Tool

In this drawing guide we decided to tell you about the new tool. We know that many of you are addicted to working with tools and therefore we have created another lesson on this topic. We chose the grinding machine as the subject of this drawing tutorial. So let’s start a drawing tutorial on how to draw a tool!


Step 1

Let’s start drawing with the fact that we draw the contours of two figures. As you can see, this oval and cylinder are connected at the top. These two figures can be drawn rather roughly and not exactly in the first step.

Power drawing tutorial


Step 2

Let’s work with the details of our grinding tool. First, draw the contours of the wire that goes to the device. After that we can draw the handle and the contours of the latch on which the grinding wheel is attached.

How to draw a tool


Step 3

The principle of pencilling construction tools is not very different from the principle of drawing real people or characters from comics. In all cases, we first draw approximate contours and then complement them with final details.This drawing lesson tool is no exception. In the last steps we have outlined the contours of our grinding machine and now we begin to draw the final version.

In this step, we draw the handle and body of the instrument with confident final lines. Do not forget about the wire.

How to draw an angle grinder


Step 4

To give the tool drawing a beautiful and finished look, we need to add shadows. With the help of hatching, add shadows to the To the front of the lateral handle and some shades on the wire and on the grinding wheel bar.

angle grinder drawing

It was a small guide on how to draw a tool. In fact, we try to alternate very complex lessons with simple ones. We also try to alternate the guides of people and objects. If you have any preferences do not forget to write about them in the comments!

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