How to Draw Wolverine

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how to draw wolverine

Hello everybody! We welcome you to DrawingForAll. Today we are going to draw one of the most courageous comic book heroes of all time. 

He is a  member of the “X-Men” team, a true samurai, charismatic and brutal mutant, which seems to overcome all the hardships and went through all the possible troubles that are only able to fall on a man, without losing sense of humor and indomitable will.

Of course, you have guessed that today we will draw Wolverine. Today’s lesson is devoted to the classic Wolverine, which was created by writer Len Wein and John Romita, Sr.  So, let’s start the tutorial and find out how to draw Wolverine!


Step 1

Before you will begin to draw you need to take a look at the shapes. As we mentioned, our Wolverine is drawn In classical Marvel way, which is characterized by anatomically correct and realistic proportions. So, first outline the position of Wolverine by using lines and ovals. Using ovals, we outline the head and fists. Using lines draw the hands, legs and torso.

how to draw wolverine


Step 2

Now we outline the silhouette. Using circles outline the knees, fists, and shoulders. By the ovals and cylinders outline the hands and legs. Also in this stage we draw claws and protruding parts of the mask.

By the way, Wolverine first appeared back in 1974 in the pages of a comic book about the Incredible Hulk (The Incredible Hulk #180). In the same issue,  Wolverine was clad in distinctive yellow suit with a mask, an improved version of which now we draw. Don’t forget that we have drawing lessons to the other members of team X-Men, for example, Nightcrawler.

how to draw wolverine step by step


Step 3

In this step, we will finish with the Wolverine’s head. Using the horizontal guideline from the first step draw the eyes. Detail draw the mask and erase the guidelines. Draw the mouth with the clenched teeth, and don’t forget to add some wrinkles to enhance the emotions.

wolverine pencile drawing


Step 4

It this step draw the torso. Draw pecs and outline the abs. Erase all the guidelines from the torso and draw black stripes of the suit. Move to the next step.

wolverine pencil


Step 5

At this step we will draw wolverine’s hands. It should be remembered that the main muscles in the arms are deltoids, biceps, triceps and muscles of the forearm.

Using ovals from the second step, draw deltoids. Notice that the biceps is a circular shape. The triceps more visible in the upper Part of the arm, under the deltoid. Muscles of the forearm narrows from the elbow to the brushes. Finish this step by drawing fists and claws.

wolverine art


Step 6

Draw the legs using the guidelines from the second step. We see the quadriceps and calf muscles. Draw their guided by our example. Erase remaining guidelines and draw the shoes.

wolverine drawings


Step 7

And finally we reach the last step in the tutorial on how to draw Wolverine. At this step we add the shadows and paint all black costume details. Notice that all the shadows in this draft made in classic comics way.

To add shadows like in our example, you need to first outline the contours of the shadows and then paint them out. Another note – the hair on the hands needs to draw by using a fine hatching.

how to draw wolverine

So, the lesson is over. Today we learned to draw Wolverine.  We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. We have for you a huge amount of lessons about the Marvel Universe. Stay tuned and wait for new tutorials. Goodbye!

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