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How to Draw Wonder Woman

how to draw wonder woman

Kind time of the day, dear artists and lovers of DC universe! Today’s drawing lesson will be devoted to how to draw Wonder Woman step by step. We noticed that on our site there are too few female superheroes, and we decided to correct this situation. So, let’s get started!


Step 1

Whoever we draw, we must start with the skeleton. Thus, we sketch out the head of our Wonder Woman in the form of an oval, spine, thorax, pelvis and limbs. Do not forget to use light and almost translucent lines in the first and second steps.

how to draw wonder woman

Step 2

Sketch out two lines on the face that will help us draw facial features. Note that in our example Wonder Woman looks a little up. Next, let’s add some volume to the body of our Wonder Woman using simple geometric shapes.

learn to draw wonder woman

Step 3

In this step we will move on to the details, and we will do this starting with the face. Draw out the eyes on the horizontal line from the previous stage. A little lower draw a neat nose and a smiling mouth.

how to draw wonder woman step by step

Step 4

Carefully draw out the outline of the face as shown in our example. Draw the diadem with a star in the center of the forehead. Using long and wavy lines draw out the hair.

learn how to draw wonder woman from dc

Step 5

Starting with this step we will finish drawing the body of the Wonder Woman. Using clear and dark lines draw out the torso and arms of our heroine. Note that in women arms should be less muscular, and the waist is much narrower than that of men.

how to draw superhero step by step

Step 6

Precisely on the same principle as in the previous step we draw the lower part of our character. Continuing the lines of the torso draw the hips that smoothly pass into the legs. Note that unlike the male figure, in women, the legs should be less muscular.

wonder woman drawing tutorial

Step 7

Here we finish drawing the upper part of the body of our Wonder Woman. We just need to erase all the extra lines from the face, torso and arms, make the lines darker and crisper. Draw the details of the clothes on the torso and the bracers.

how to draw wonder woman

Step 8

It is the last step of the lesson about how to draw Wonder Woman. Just like in the last step we need to erase all unnecessary lines from the legs. Using clear and dark lines circle the legs, making them darker and more distinct. At the end of the step draw shoes and a rope in the hands.

how to draw wonder woman

So, what do you think about the lesson about how to draw Wonder Woman? You can write your opinion and suggestions in the comments section under this article. Also do not forget to subscribe to us and share this (and other) our drawing lessons.

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