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How to Draw a Papaya

Papaya drawing

Today we continue a series of fruit drawing lessons. And the fruit we are working on today is papaya. It will be a very simple drawing lesson and we hope that even emerging artists will cope with it. So we start drawing tutorial about how to draw a Papaya.


Step 1

First draw the outline of the fruit. This figure looks like an asymmetrical oval with a sharp left angle.

How to draw a papaya step by step


Step 2

It is a very simple step in which we will draw the stalk and horizontal line of symmetry.

How to sketch a papaya easy


Step 3

In the final step we will put light shadows – it look like light hatching. Do not forget to draw shadows on the ground – this will make your drawing more realistic.

How to draw a papaya

It was not particularly difficult, was it? We hope everyone succeeded. Do not forget to write about your achievements in the comments!

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