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How to Draw a Sponge

How to draw a sponge

Today we will draw a thing that is in every bathroom. As you can see we are talking about a sponge. We chose this form but you can draw a sponge of any shape. So let’s start a drawing tutorial about how to draw a Sponge step by step.


Step 1

To draw a sponge we need to first draw a parallelogram. It will be especially cool if you draw a correct and even figure without using a ruler.

How to draw a sponge


Step 2

Add two more parallelograms that are located at the top and side to get a three-dimensional shape as in our sample.

How to draw a sponge step by step


Step 3

Each sponge should have many pores. You probably know this if you watched the SpongeBob cartoon. Or if you even bathe once in your life. So in this step we will draw a lot of pores on this sponge.

Sponge drawing tutorial


Step 4

Add some shadows in the form of hatching inside the pores. This action will make the drawing more realistic.

Sponge drawing

It was a drawing lesson about how to draw a sponge. We hope you like the tutorial. Don’t forget to visit us and wait for new drawing tutorial. Goodbye!

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  1. Great tut! Any tutorial about drawing a squeezed sponge, the ones I drawn looked like paper with holes lol. Thanks for sharing great tutorials 👍

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