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How to Draw Conan the Barbarian

How to draw Conan the Barbarian

The times of the barbarians are long gone, but they have left behind an indelible mark of legends and rumors. We could meet the image of the barbarians in a variety of books, movies and games. The most famous barbarian is of course Conan the Barbarian, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a number of famous films. And today, in this drawing lesson about how to draw Conan the Barbarian, we will draw him in the image of Schwarzenegger.


Step 1

In popular culture, barbarians are portrayed as huge fearless warriors. It is this barbarian we will draw today. Start with the head, outlining it in the form of an oval. After that we will need to draw the line of the spine. On this straight line draw the outlines of the chest and pelvis. Arms and legs should also be drawn as the simplest lines.

How to draw Conan the Barbarian

Step 2

In the last step we drew the skeleton of a barbarian, and in this step we will need to add some volume to it. Before that, let’s draw two lines on the head to help us draw the details of the face. Next, we draw the outlines of the wide torso, tapering in the waist. After that, we draw the outlines of the arms and legs, using very simple geometric shapes (such as circles and cylinders).

How to draw Conan the Barbarian step by step

Step 3

We drew the mannequin of Conan the Barbarian, and now let’s make it more like a human. First of all, we sketch out the outlines of the details of the face, bandage on the forehead and long hair. Next, we move a little lower and sketch out the sword, the bracers and the outlines of the shoes. By the way, we recall that in the first three steps of this lesson we used very light lines, but starting from the next step we will use dark lines.

Learn to draw Conan the Barbarian

Step 4

It is time to draw the final details of Conan the Barbarian. First let’s draw out the face details. First, draw out the eyes, then draw the nose and mouth. With the help of clear lines draw the outlines of the jaw and cheekbones. Next, go to the hair, drawing them with long and slightly wavy lines. It now remains only to remove all unnecessary guidelines from the face and proceed to the next step.

How to draw a warrior

Step 5

Pretty short step in which we need to draw the details of the torso. But we will start with the neck, drawing the neck muscles, as shown in the drawing below. Next, carefully draw the huge pectoral muscles, not forgetting to outline the folds of the skin. After that we move a little lower and gently draw the abdominal cubes. On the neck we draw the amulet and proceed to the arms.

Conan the Barbarian art

Step 6

As we said, now is the time of arms. But we will not pump them, but draw. With smooth, but at the same time clear lines, we carefully draw out the deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles. On the arms we draw out the muscle lines. After that, we need to draw the sword. To learn this, visit the lesson on how to draw a two-handed sword.

How to sketch Conan the Barbarian

Step 7

We go down below and begin to draw out the legs of Conan the Barbarian that are even larger than the arms. With the help of long, smooth and clear lines we need to draw quadriceps, knee ligaments and powerful calf muscles. In the same step, we need to draw a loincloth and fur shoes. Finally remove all unnecessary guidelines and proceed to the last step of drawing Conan the Barbarian.

How to sketch Conan the Barbarian

Step 8

The drawing of Conan the barbarian is almost complete, and we just have to make it more real by adding shadows to it. We will do this with the help of hatching, which we apply in all our drawing lessons. This hatching is easy to do. In fact, this is a series of light and very close to each other lines. You can add another layer of hatching to make the shadow darker.

 How to draw Conan the Barbarian

The lesson on how to draw Conan the Barbarian was quite difficult, but at the end of the lesson we got a fairly realistic drawing. Do not forget that the most important thing is practice. So draw Conan the Barbarian in different poses and from different points of view. It is also important to remember that we have pages in all social networks, so subscribe and leave there your comments and wishes.

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