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How to Draw Link from Legend of Zelda


Hello! Today we make a new Chibi drawing tutorial. As you can see we will draw Link from Legend of Zelda in Chibi style.


Step 1

First we draw a rough silhouette of our hero. In general, let’s immediately note the main feature of the figure of any Chibi character. Chibi always have a large head and a very small body. And in this case we have the same situation – the head is bigger than the rest of the body.

How to Draw Link from Legend of Zelda


Step 2

Now let’s add some details to make the silhouette look more like Link from Legend of Zelda. Add facial contours. Do not forget to draw the outlines of the hair and sword.

How to Draw Link Chibi


Step 3

And we continue the drawing lesson about How to Draw Link from Legend of Zelda. Draw the basic facial features and then erase the extra lines from the previous steps.




Step 4

And that is the last step of this drawing tutorial. We will draw the details of garment and, of course, the sword.


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