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How to Draw the Vault Dweller

how to draw the vault dweller

Hello everybody and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw the Vault Dweller from Fallout! In fact, we will draw a collective and averaged main character of all the Fallout series, because in different parts the main character are called differently. As you can see from the previews our character will be dressed in classic blue and yellow costume of vaults from Fallout.


Step 1

So, first we usually outline the skeleton of our character consisting of simple lines – the head in the form of an oval, the chest and pelvis, the spine and limbs with the help of lines. As you know these lines should be drawn very light.

how to draw the vault dweller

Steo 2

Now we add some volume (as we always do on the second steps when we draw people) using simple shapes. We begin with the neck, then go to the torso, then draw the shoulders in the form of circles and arms with the help of cylinders. Then draw the legs also with cylinders. We draw hands, outlines of the rifle and feet.

learn to draw the vault dweller

Step 3

Now we outline the facial features of our Vault Dweller. We start from the eyes, drawing them on the horizontal line from the previous step. Then draw the nose that is located on the vertical line from the previous step and then the mouth that is located exactly in the middle between the tip of the nose and the line of the chin.

learn to draw character from fallout

Step 4

We continue drawing the head of Vault Dweller. Draw a hair line (as in the game itself you can choose hairstyle what you want). Draw the jaw line as in our example. Next, draw the ears the upper edge of which is at the same level with the eyebrows and the lower edge is on one level with the tip of the nose.

how to draw vault dweller

Step 5

Continue drawing the Vault Dweller. Continue drawing the Vault Dweller. Let’s proceed to the torso. First we draw the collar, then we draw the clothes and folds on clothers on the torso. Next add the characteristic pattern that surrounds the neck and descends down.

how to draw fallout

Step 6

Draw the clothes and folds on the hands erasing unnecessary lines. On the left forearm of our hero we draw the most recognizable object of the whole series of Fallout – the Pip Boy, which is essentially a wrist-portable computer. Carefully draw the hands of the Vault Dweller and the weapon (we drew a rifle, but you can draw any other weapon).

how to draw fallout character

Step 7

Proceed to the legs. Carefully draw the lines of the legs, all creases and seams as in our example. Then draw the shoes and add some folds to them. As we said, we drew the Vault Dweller in the classic costume that appeared in all parts of Fallout, but you can of course draw any other clothes or armor.

vault dweller drawing

Step 8

In our drawing the light falls from the upper left corner of the picture, respectively, we add shadows to the right lower parts of our hero’s body. Add all these shadows and the cast shadow using classic hatching.

how to draw the vault dweller

Today we drew the main character from one of the most legendary RPGs of all time. And in one of the previous articles we drew the Unnamed Hero – the main character from Gothic, another legendary game.

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