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How to Draw the Blob from X-Men

Blob from Marvel comics Drawing

One of our most beloved comic book series is X-Men, and for our readers we have already created a lot of lessons about characters from this comics. Today we want to continue this theme with a lesson on how to draw the Blob.


Step 1

First of all, we need to sketch out the outlines of the skeleton of the Blob. As you can see, it is very wide. So, we outline a round head and the line of the spine, on which we outline a wide chest and a wide pelvis. Sketch out arms and legs, as shown in the example below.

How to draw Blob

Step 2

In this step, we will outline the volume, a lot of volume. First of all we sketch out the very large torso. It is not necessary to draw a neck, since it is not visible. Next we outline very voluminous arms and legs of the Blob. By the way, don’t forget to sketch out the intersecting lines on the face.

How to draw Blob from Comics

Step 3

Let’s draw the most basic outlines with very light lines. First, we outline the details of the face and hair. Next, we outline a wide neck and costume lines. It is very important that the lines on the first steps be made very light so that they can be erased in the future.

Blob drawing tutorial

Step 4

The final details of the drawing must be made with very clear and dark lines. In this step, we will carefully trace the outlines of the eyes, nose and wide mouth. Next, draw gloomy eyebrows and wrinkles. We finish the step by drawing the hair and outlines of the neck.

How to sketch Blob from X-Men step by step

Step 5

Now it’s time for the torso, which will also be drawn with clear and dark lines. At first we draw out the wide shoulders. Further, the outlines of the wide torso with large pectoral muscles and large belly. Next, draw the folds of fabric and the lines of the costume on the torso.

How to draw Blob from Comics

Step 6

Here we will continue the trapezoid lines that go into the deltoids. Next, draw the outline of the wide arms and fingers. Do not forget to erase all unnecessary guidelines from the arms of the Blob and draw out the lines of the braces.

How to draw Blob from X Men

Step 7

Now the lines of the legs, which must also be made very dark and contrasting. As you can see, the legs of the Blob should also be very wide. In the same step, we will draw the skin folds in the knees and the lines of shoes.

Blob drawing tutorial

Step 8

Shadows can be drawn either by hatching, as in our example, or by using black and contrasting areas of shadows (such as in the tutorial about Hulk). Anyway, the first thing we need to do is find the source of the light, then paint over the reverse sides of the parts of the body of Blob.

How to draw Blob from Marvel comics

We hope that this drawing lesson will help you improve your artist skills. Practice as much as possible to learn how to draw like a real comic book artist.

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