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How to Draw Pancakes

a stack of pancakes drawing

It’s Drawingforall.net with a new very simple drawing instruction in which we will teach you how to draw pancakes.

Pancakes are spread almost all over the world, though called differently – injera in Africa, serabi in Indonesia, okonomiyaki in Japan, blinchiki in Russia and etc. Today we are going to draw a classic stack of pancakes.

So, let’s start the art instruction and learn how to draw pancakes.


Step 1

To draw pancakes correctly, first, you should draw a wide and short cylinder. You can draw the cylinder higher or lower, it depends on the number of pancakes in the stack. Note that in the initial stages you should use light and smooth lines for the general outlines.

how to draw pancakes

Step 2

Using curved lines sketch out the contours of the pancakes in the stack. Try to draw all the lines about the same distance from each other. Sketch out the plate under the stack. It looks like two figures. A broad and flat rim and a short bottom. The sketch of the pancakes is complete, and from the next stage, we will start working with the details.

how to draw a stack of pancakes

Step 3

Draw the contours of each pancake. They do not have to be smooth and symmetrical. The edge of each pancake should be wavy and does not coincide with the contours of the pancakes below and above. After that, remove the unwanted guidelines from the stack and go to the next step of the instruction on how to draw pancakes.

how to draw pancakes step by step

Step 4

Darken the lines of the plate and pancakes. On the top draw the contours of the darkest areas of the upper pancake. They are of different sizes and extend in different directions, but they all have oval and rounded shapes.

pancakes drawing

Step 5

In order for our pancakes to look more realistic, add some shadows. First, we need to determine the light source. As you can see, the light comes to this delicious stack of pancakes from the top right side. So, add shadows to the lower left side. If your pancakes drawing is similar to ours, then you did everything right.

a stack of pancakes drawing

That was a tutorial on how to draw a stack of pancakes. If this drawing guide was interesting and informative for you, share it with your friends and subscribe to us on social networks.

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