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How to Draw Tom Tucker

How to draw Tom Tucker

Almost all drawing lessons about characters from American Dad and Family Guy, we draw using about one pattern. First we sketch the outlines of the body, then draw the details. But now we decided to apply a slightly different way of drawing – in the lesson on how to draw Tom Tucker we will draw a TV presenter without drawing a “dummy”, that is, we will immediately start drawing the details.


Step 1

First, we draw round eyes and the nose of our character. As you can see, it is very simple.

How to draw Tom Tucker

Step 2

Now draw the upper eyelids, pupils in the form of two dots and curved eyebrows above the eyes.

How to draw Tom Tucker from family guy

Step 3

Now go to the top of the head and draw a characteristic hairstyle, forehead and small ear.

How to draw Tom Tucker from family guy

Step 4

We finish drawing the contours of the head, drawing Tom Tucker’s cheeks and chin.

Learn how to draw Tom Tucker

Step 5

In this step there will be many details. Draw a mustache and lips. Next, we draw the tie, collars of the shirt and jacket and.

How to draw cartoons

Step 6

Now draw the shoulders and sleeves. It is very important to observe the ratio of the sizes of arms and head.

How to draw free

Step 7

Now draw the lower part of the jacket and hands. Do not forget to draw three buttons on the jacket.

How to draw free

Step 8

With the help of a few extremely simple lines draw the legs of our stereotypical TV presenter.

How to draw step by step

Step 9

And the last step in which we draw the shoes of our character and Tom Tucker drawing is ready.

How to draw Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker is a secondary character from Family Guy. As already mentioned in our previous drawing lessons, we are going to draw all the more or less important characters from this series. So do not forget to visit our site and subscribe to our social networks, so as not to miss new lessons about the characters of the Family Guy.

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