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How to Draw Ozymandias

10 how to draw ozymandias from watchmen

Good afternoon! Today we tell you about how to draw Ozymandias from Wathcmen.

Step 1

First we will draw a stickman. Using an oval shape draw the head. Using light and smooth lines draw the spine, arms and legs. Don’t forget very important rule: the height of middle aged man is equal to seven human head heights.

how to draw ozymandias

Step 2

In this step, you add volume tothe upper part of the stickman. The main parts of the body look like simple geometric shapes. The neck look like short cylinder (we see only part of this cylinder). The torso should be quite narrow from top to bottom. The pelvis looks like a triangle.

Do not forget to draw two cross lines on the face. The vertical line will show the conditional symmetry and the horizontal line will show the future location of the eyes.

how to draw watchmen from dc

Step 3

We built an approximate silhouette of our hero. Draw outlines of the mantle and belt. By the way, this belt is very similar to the Scorpion belt from Mortal Combat.

learn how to draw ozymandias from dc


Step 4

Let’s draw the main features. Avoid unnecessary detail. You can limit the drawing of facial features with several lines as in our sample. The most important thing is not to confuse their location.

how to draw ozymandias from dc


Step 5

In this step we will draw a rounded collar. It will also be necessary to draw two rims that should be located on the edges of the collar.

how to draw ozymandias step by step

Step 6

This will be a very simple step in which we will draw the muscles of the arms and chest. This is a very lucky drawing lesson. Here you do not have to have a lot of problems with drawing the character’s palms.

how to draw watchmen

Step 7

Let’s draw the belt and legs in detail.

ozymandias drawing

Step 8

And now we are waiting for the traditional last step of the lesson of drawing a comics character. As you can see, in this step we will draw shadows.

10 how to draw ozymandias from watchmen

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