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How to draw Liu Kang step by step

How to draw Liu Kang step by step

Hello, dear artists! Today we present you a new step by step drawing lesson. And theme of our drawing lesson is how to draw Liu Kang, the main character of Mortal Kombat story.


Step 1

Like many other lessons, this one begins with drawing of stickmen – a man made of sticks and circles. Stickman is necessary in order to designate the proportions of the character and his posture. Now few words about proportions:

  • The average height of men is equal to the sum of 7.5 heads;
  • Length of legs is the sum of 4.5 heads;
  • The line of shoulders should be wider than the line of the pelvis (this rule is only used at drawing male figures, the female pelvis is much wider).

How to draw Liu Kang


Step 2

Now let’s give some volume to our stickman. Using wavy lines sketch out the shapes of the hair. Also, draw a few horizontal lines to indicate eyes, nose and mouth. When you outline the body, pay attention to:

  • The torso must taper from top (medium broad shoulders and chest muscles) to bottom (slim waist);
  • Constantly check with the stickman lines from the previous step. Note how the lines of the body are located relative to the lines of the spine, pelvis and upper limbs;
  • We left from the line of the trunk is almost straight (by the way, it is parallel to the line posture from the first step), but the right has a very noticeable bump.

Don’t forget about the lines that connect the neck and shoulders. They have considerable slope. By the way, they follow the contours of the trapezoid muscles. To better represent their location, take a look at our recent lesson on how to draw Hulk – there these muscles are tense and distended so that they create the effect of having no neck. The arm is divided into three main sections: shoulder, forearm and hand. The shoulder looks like an elongated cylinder, and the forearm has a noticeable narrowing to the hand. The contours of the foot there will not be anatomically correct, as our hero dressed in loose trousers, tapering downwards

How to draw Liu Kang from mortal kombat


Step 3

Let’s draw facial features and hair. Do not forget that your hair should be drawing in the direction from roots to ends. Eyes, mouth, nose and wrinkles will be drawn, focusing on the front line of the second step.



And the general plan:

How to draw Liu Kang step_by_step


Step 4

Now draw details of the body. In this step, you will need to draw just a few lines – first, a wide chest muscles (similar to the convex plate), and secondly, the contours of t-shirts, which fits tightly in the chest area, and then hangs, and in the third, folds slightly slanted vertical line.

How to draw Liu Kang step_by_step_by_pencil


Step 5

In this step, draw the muscles of the arms. To ensure that you do not get confused, we have decided numerals to designate the major muscles on the hands, or rather, the muscles of the shoulder:

  1. Deltoid muscle of shoulder;
  2. Biceps;
  3. Triceps.

How_to_draw _Mortal Kombat


Note, that it’s pretty difficult to draw fists correctly. So we decided to make them on a separate plan:




And the general plan:

How to draw Liu Kang step_Mortal Kombat



Step 6

In the last step of our drawing lesson we’ll draw the legs of our character. Erase the guidelines from the previous steps. Add some folds of fabric using vertical lines. Note, that the most of the folds located in the area of waist and shin. Using short vertical lines draw the strips of fabric on the shins.

How to draw Liu Kang step by step

So, it was the drawing lesson about how to draw Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Goodbye!

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