How to Draw a Sports Car Step by Step

how to draw a sports car step by step

Here the team of will show and tell you how to draw a sports car step by step! If you often visit our site, then you know that we are very fond of cars, including sports cars. We have already drawn such cool cars as Ferrari, Bugatti and Jaguar, and in this tutorial on how to draw a race car, we will show the most important and challenging points in drawing a race car.


Step 1

We start the sports car drawing with the basic outlines. Since we are drawing a sports car using the appearance of the Lamborghini, we must use many straight lines and sharp corners. With the help of light lines sketch out the body of the sports car.

how to draw a sports car step by step

Step 2

Let’s add the most basic details to draw sports car drawing. In the front part sketch out the long angular headlights of the sports car. Slightly below draw the lines of the grille. At the bottom of the sports car sketch tires and mirrors on the sides.

easy to draw sports

Step 3

The main outlines of the sports car are ready and starting from the third stage we will work with the details. Using straight, dark and clear lines draw out the headlights. Note, that since we are drawing Lamborghini, we have very sharp and angular headlights.

how to draw a sport car

Step 4

Continue the drawing tutorial about how to draw a sports car step by step. Let’s go down a bit and draw out the bumper and lines of the radiator grille. To make a sports car look aggressive and cool, draw large and powerful air intakes.

how to draw a sports car step by step

Step 5

Let’s move a little higher and trace the hood lines. In the same step we will need to depict the logo of our sports car in the center of the hood. As already mentioned, the artists of use the appearance of Lamborghini, but if you draw for example a Porsche, then obviously you will need to draw another logo.

how to draw a lamborghini huracan

Step 6

Let’s get a little higher and draw the lines of the roof and windows. Since this is a sports car, its roof should be very low and sloping. You could notice this feature in all sports cars drawings on

how to draw sports cars

Step 7

Draw the side windows and rear-view mirrors. Another distinguishing feature of sports cars is that they have very narrow side windows. You could notice this feature in all sports cars drawing on

how to draw a sports car

Step 8

Here we continue to draw sports car’s side surface. We need to draw the door lines and the handle. In the same step we draw the rear part and the air intake next to the wheel.

how to draw a lamborghini

Step 9

A very difficult step – we need to draw the wheels and wheel arches. The lines must be smooth and round. Note that unlike conventional cars, sports cars have very big and wide wheels.

how to draw a sports car

Step 10

So we got to the last step in the guide about how to draw a sports car in which we draw rims. We chose this type of rims, but of course you can choose your own design. You can also add color or shadows to give your sports car drawing a bit of realism.

how to draw a sports car step by step

That’s all. As we said, we drew a sports car on the example of a Lamborghini Huracan, but using this drawing lesson you can draw a sports car of any other brand, because the principle of drawing of cars is about the same. So do not forget to share this drawing lesson, subscribe to us on social networks and write your opinion about this drawing lesson In the comments section.


  1. This is impresive.Also try to sketch Koenigsegg Agera RS and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

  2. Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂

  3. This is a great tutorial! I’m a beginner at drawing and this was really helpful.

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