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How to Draw a Mazda 6

How to Draw a Mazda 6

Hello dear artists and motorists! In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a Mazda 6 step by step. Mazda 6 – is a  mid-size car of the Japanese company Mazda. It is issued since 2002. In Japan and China is sold under the name Mazda Atenza.


Step 1

So, let’s start with the main outlines, as we did in all the other drawing forays (Ferrari, Mercedes, Range Rover and etc.). Using very light lines sketch out the body of the car that visually consisting of two parts.

How to Draw a Mazda 6

Step 2

And now add a few details. In the front part sketch out the elongated headlights and grille. In the lateral part sketch out the wheels and the rear-view mirror.

How to Draw a Mazda 6

Step 3

The main contours are ready and we proceed to details. Using very clear and dark lines draw out the elongated headlights of our car and the grille. In the center of the radiator grille draw the Mazda emblem.

How to Draw a Mazda

Step 4

Continue to work with the front of the Mazda 6. We go down a bit and draw additional radiator grille, bumper and fog lights. Draw the hood line and move to the step 5.

How to Draw a Mazda step by step

Step 5

Continuing the line of the bonnet and draw a slightly curved roof. In the front part we draw the windshield and the side windows on the side. Draw the rear-view mirror, erase the extra strokes that we drew in the first steps.

How to Draw a Mazda easy

Step 6

Continuing the lines of windows draw the doors and continuing the line of the roof form the back of our Mazda 6. Draw out the door handles and move to the next step.

learn how to draw a Mazda 6

Step 7

It’s quite a difficult step – we need to draw the wheels. Try to make them as round as possible, as in our example.

How to Draw a Mazda 6

Step 8

It remains for us to only draw the rims. You can draw them as in our example or choose your own design.

How to Draw a Mazda 6

It was a drawing tutorial about how to draw a Mazda 6 step by step. Our site has existed for many years and we have drawn a huge number of drawing lessons, and we are not going to stop. You can help us by simply sharing this and our other drawing lessons and subscribing to us on social networks (it’s easier than buying car insurance).

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