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How to Draw Kratos

Kratos drawing tutorial

A new drawing lesson on how to draw Kratos already on the pages of Drawingforall.net. As you know, this is the protagonist of the God of War. We know that on Drawingforall.net we have very few tutorials about video game characters. So we try to fix this problem. Let’s start this drawing tutorial and learn how to draw Kratos from God of War!


Step 1

In order for our character to be realistic and smooth, the first action we need to do is draw a stickman. The stickman will be the basis of our future Kratos drawing. You should begin with the head, drawing it in the form of a coffee bean. After that, outline the spine using a simple line. On the line of the spine draw the chest and pelvis. Next sketch out the arms and legs and move to the next step.

Kratos drawing tutorial


Step 2

In this step, we will add some “flesh” to this stickman. We begin drawing from the lines of facial symmetry. After that draw a powerful neck and torso, which narrows to the waist. Then we draw arms that are represented by simple figures. Next, go down a bit and sketch out the pelvis and legs.

Kratos drawing tutorial


Step 3

Now it’s time to work with details in our drawing. Using clear and dark lines, draw out the eyes with frowning brows. Below them draw a nose, mustache, beard, and mouth. Also in this step, we draw the contours of the armor. Don’t forget to draw the axe.

How to draw Kratos easy


Step 4

It will be a very easy step. We erase the contour of the chin, draw facial features and the tattoo on the head. You will get an excellent mouth if you gently erase the area between the mustache and beard. The head of Kratos should be as clean as possible from unnecessary lines and strokes.

Kratos drawing lesson


Step 5

Now let’s move on to the torso of Kratos. Gently draw the neck. After that move a little lower and draw pectoral muscles. Next, depict the elements of armor that located on the front of the torso. At the end of the step remove all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Kratos drawing lesson


Step 6

It’s time to draw the arms. The hardest part of the arm is a palm. You can see two fists in this picture – if you want to draw it really well, don’t forget to read or article about how to draw hands. Also in this step, we draw the main weapon of Kratos – we mean his favorite ax.

How to sketch Kratos


Step 7

In this step, we draw a piece of clothing that covers the pelvis. It will be more convenient for you to draw belts in the direction from top to bottom. Don’t forget to draw the armor that covers the shins.

Kratos art


Step 8

Let’s work with shadows. First of all, we paint the armor. We did this using hatching, but you can paint it in solid black. After that add the shadows to the hand, musculus pectoralis major and leg.

How to draw Kratos

It was the instruction about how to draw Kratos from God of War. Do you want new drawing tutorials about characters from videogames? Or maybe you want to learn how to depict something unrelated to video games? One way or another, write to us because the team of Drawingforall.net always reads your comments and answers many of them.


  1. Loved this drawing! Tried it out myself, would love to see more GOW drawings and also the new spiderman suite from the ps4 games

  2. The only thing I wish was more detailed was the Leviathan Axe. I wish it had the lines on the blade and somewhat of a handle and grip textured like wood. Sorry if im asking for a lot I know how hard art can be.

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