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How to Draw a Briefcase

How to draw a briefcase

Hello, dear artists. Welcome to DrawingForAll. In one of the previous drawing lessons we tell you how to draw a bag. Today we want to continue this topic and show you a how to draw a briefcase.


Step 1

First of all we will need to draw such a voluminous rectangular figure.

How to draw a briefcase

Step 2

Now sketch out the cover, lock and handle at the top of the briefcase.

Learn how to draw a briefcase

Step 3

Now with the help of clear and dark lines draw out the contours of the body of the briefcase.

How to sketch a briefcase step by step

Step 4

Carefully draw the lock, handle and buckle. Using short lines draw out the seams.

Briefcase drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now let’s add some shadows to make our briefcase look more voluminous.

How to draw a briefcase

It was a lesson on how to draw a briefcase. In fact, all briefcases are very similar to each other and the methods of drawing are roughly the same – first we draw the general outlines, and then we draw out all the details with clear and dark lines, erasing all the guidelines. You can draw a briefcase as a separate drawing, or draw it as part of another drawing, for example, you can draw a briefcase in the hands of a businessman.

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