How to Draw Roger from American Dad

how to draw Roger from American Dad

Hello! Today, we draw the pet of Smith’s family from American Dad, an eccentric and colorful alien Roger. Note, that this character looks like a classic alien.

Roger Smith – whimsical, feminine, suspicious, resentful (so that he would definitely offended by this writer for such epithets) alien. So, let’s start the drawing lesson, and learn how to draw Roger from American Dad!


Step 1

Draw an oval, and a pair of lines that form a long, elongated, upwardly diverging shape. The general shapes of the head and neck are ready.

how to draw Roger from American Dad


Step 2

Now draw a couple of small ovals that are located diagonally, for the guides of almond-shaped eyes.

how to draw Roger from American Dad step by step


Step 3

Erase the extra lines, draw half-closed eyes (it gives phlegmatic expression to the Roger’s face). Using curved lines draw the body, that looks like a figure eight. Draw the pupils in the eyes and three lines on the head.

how to draw  American Dad


Step 4

Draw arms of Roger. Note feature – the shoulders and arms are very thin, and the palms are very large. Also draw the long and thin fingers. Draw the short and thick legs as in our example.

how to draw Roger from American Dad


Step 5

Erase the guidelines and darken the lines to get Roger, as in the example below.

how to draw Roger from American Dad


We hope this drawing lesson helps you to draw Roger Smith from American Dad.

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