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How to Draw Invisible Woman

How to draw Invisible Woman

Today we decided to return to the topic of Marvel Comics. We remembered that we had already drawn the heroes from Fantastic Four. But we have not drawn Sue Storm. So we decided to fix it. And now you have a lesson on how to draw Invisible Woman step by step, let’s start it!

Step 1

So, first of all we sketch out the head. In this case the head looks like an ordinary oval. After that we draw a neck that goes into the line of the spine. On this line, we sketch out the chest and pelvis. Don’t forget that women’s hips are wider than men’s hips and shoulders narrower than in men. At the end of this step you should sketch out the arms and legs with the help of usual lines.

How to draw Invisible Woman

Step 2

In the begin of this step we will draw two crossing lines inside the face contour. After that we sketch out the neck in the shape of a cylinder.

If you have finished drawing the contours of the head and neck, you can proceed to the body. So we draw a torso, which strongly narrows to the pelvis and widens in the hips. Next, outline the arms and hands. Draw the legs that widen in the hips and narrow in the knees.

How to draw Susan Sue Storm

Step 3

It’s time to draw the facial features of Sue Storm. Draw the almond-shaped eyes. Above the eyes draw the thin and curved brows. Below we draw the nose, that consists of very simple lines.

Then draw the mouth, which is very simple to draw. First draw the line of the mouth, then the line of the upper lip, and lower lip, using a curved line.

How to sketch Invisible Woman

Step 4

From this step we begin to work with the final details. Carefully draw out the hair of our Invisible Woman. After that we outline the contours of the face. Draw out the eyes with pupils, eyebrows, nose and lips. Do not forget to draw out the ears and erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

Invisible Woman drawing lesson

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the body. Using clear and smooth lines, we carefully draw Fantastic Four logo, breast, contours of the chest and ribs. Don’t forget to draw musculus rectus abdominis. Also, carefully draw all the details of clothing and erase all unnecessary guidelines from the body.

How to draw Invisible Woman from Marvel

Step 6

Let’s now move to the arms of our character. Just like in the previous step, using clear and dark lines draw out the contours of the arms, taking into account the curves under the uniform. Then draw hands (in order to learn more about this don’t forget to read this post about how to draw hands).

How to draw Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four

Step 7

Let’s go down a bit and draw the belt and pelvis area. Next, with the help of dark and curved lines, we draw the final contours of the legs. Draw a few lines inside the legs, outlines of the knees and shoes. Do not forget to draw a few folds on the boots.

Invisible Woman drawing tutorial

Step 8

We have a final step and in this step we should draw shadows. It gives some realism to the drawing and it makes the drawing more finished. First of all we need to draw contours of shadows. After that paint the shadows in black. When you draw lighter shadows, use dense hatching.

Invisible Woman drawing

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