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How to Draw Batman

How to draw Batman

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw Batman. The team of Drawingforall.net decided to show you how to draw Batman the way we saw him in classic comic books. To simplify the drawing the Dark Knight, we have divided this guide into 10 simple steps, each of which we tried to describe in the most understandable and accessible way.


Step 1

In order to properly draw Batman, we first need to sketch his skeleton. First of all depict the head in the form of a simple oval (or an egg). Just below mark the spine, on which place the chest and pelvis. Next sketch the arms and legs using simple lines, and mark the joints in the form of small circles. This sketch is the foundation of the future Batman drawing.

How to draw Batman step by step

Step 2

To properly draw Batman’s face, you need to first sketch the lines of facial symmetry. Draw two lines as in our drawing so that they intersect in the very central part of the Batman’s face, approximately at the location of the nasal bridge. Next, draw the neck in the form of a cylinder and the powerful and wide torso that extends at the shoulders is thinned at the waist.

How to draw Batman for beginners

Step 3

Let’s now add volume to the limbs of Dark Knight. Draw the arms and legs with geometric figures that look like slightly modified cylinders. Sketch out the shoulders, elbows and knees in simple circles. Also, do not forget to outline fists rested on the sides and feet.

How to draw Batman

Step 4

Let’s now add the most basic and noticeable details to the Batman drawing. Sketch the frowning eyes on the horizontal line, mouth, contours of the mask opening and horns. Next, outline the upper part of the cape and the oval Batman logo on the chest. Next, sketch the outlines of the characteristic Dark Knight gloves, shoes and lower part of the long recognizable bat cape.

Draw Batman dark knight

Step 5

From the fifth step we need to use very clear finishing lines. Carefully draw out the eyes and add wrinkles around the eyes. Next, draw the mouth, powerful jaw and trace the contours of the head. Finish drawing the head of Batman by erasing unnecessary auxiliary lines.

How to draw Batman step by step easy

Step 6

Now we need to draw Batman’s torso. First depict the lines of large pectoral muscles and abs. The torso must have the shape of an inverted triangle so that the hero looks powerful and impressive. Next, draw the Batman’s logo in detail (to learn more about it, visit the lesson about Batman’s logo). Now clean the draft by removing the rough auxiliary lines.

How do you draw Batman

Step 7

Now it’s time to draw Bruce Wayne’s arms. Begin from the top, separating the large deltoid muscles, triceps and biceps. Next draw in detail the forearm muscles, carefully drawing the muscle lines. When drawing hands, carefully make the knuckles and ligaments on the upper surface of the hand.

How to draw Batman easy

Step 8

The eighth stage of the article on how to draw Batman will be very simple, since here we just need to draw the cape. Rather, in fact, we just need to make the lines drawn by us earlier smoother and sharper. And finish the step by clearing the cape of excess auxiliary lines.

How to draw Batman full body

Step 9

Carefully draw the muscles of the legs and powerful knee joints. Make the lines crisp and dark using a stronger pressing on the pencil. When drawing feet, consider all the bends as shown in our drawing. Do not forget the ankle bones, called medial malleolus and lateral malleolus.

Batman drawing

Step 10

To make your Batman drawing look like the work of a true comic book artist, we need to draw shadows. To begin, outline the contours of the shadows, then use a dark pencil to paint these areas in solid black. To draw lighter shadows use hatching.

Batman drawing

In this guide, we tried to show how to draw Batman – probably most recognizable comic book superheroes. At the end of the tutorial, according to tradition, we will give you some useful tips on how to improve your drawing skills of this legendary superhero.Do not forget that it is important to be able to draw a person in any position and from any angle.

Therefore, open some comic book or Google, find the necessary images there and try to draw Batman in various poses and from different angles, guided by those ten steps that you saw above. Next, try to draw Batman in different costumes. Next, try to draw the superhero in the style of different comic book artists, such as Bob Kane (the one who created Batman), Frank Sprang (the one who created the classic look from the mid-twentieth century) and Frank Miller (the one who created the legendary comic The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One). Below, for example, we drew Bruce Wayne in the classic old suit that you could see in the Detective Comics of the 50s, and a more modern variation of the suit.

How to draw Batman costumes

And probably the most important thing is to find your own unique style of in drawing. Why is it important? You have probably noticed that the coolest artists have their unique style, and we are now talking about both comic artists and Italian Renaissance artists. When the artist starts to draw, he perforce repeats the style of others, but over the years and with each new drawing he develops his own unique style.

Look at the works of Caravaggio, Salvador Dali, John Romita Sr. and Adam Kubert. If you are a lover of fine art, then easily distinguish their work from each other. So you, too, must acquire unique and recognizable features in your art, and only long practice of drawing and of years of studying art will help you with this.

Could you draw the Dark Knight? Write to us about it in the comments block under this article, or go to our social networks, and write there your opinion about this tutorial and Drawingforall.net as a whole.

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