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How to Draw Iceman

how to draw Iceman

Hello! Today we will tell you about how to draw Iceman. As you probably know, he is an old-school character from the X-men team.


Step 1

By the old good tradition, we will start drawing with the construction of a stickman. Arms and legs of the character are stretched forward and the chin is pressed to the body like a boxer.

how to draw Iceman from x men

Step 2

Let’s make our stikmen more voluminous. Draw a strongly rounded back line to connect the neck and pelvis. After that draw out the contours of arms and legs. Do not make the legs and arms too muscular and massive. Do not forget that we are drawing a teenager.

how to draw Iceman from marvel

Step 3

Now we will draw an icy road. You should follow the rules of the perspective: remote areas of the road should look very small. But the section of the road on which Bobby stands should be very large. Do not forget to draw the ice with which Bobby shoots to extend the road ahead of him.

how to draw Iceman step by step

Step 4

It will be a very short and simple step. All you need here is to outline the facial features using short strokes.

how to draw a superhero

Step 5

From this step we begin to draw the details that we will see in the final version of the drawing. And we wiil draw the face features in the final version. There are some interesting things on Bobby’s face:

  • His eyes have no pupils;
  • Our character tightened his teeth very tightly;
  • He is quite similar to Dr. Manhattan (DC comics) and Silver Surfer (Marvel Universe).

how to draw x men

Step 6

We continue the drawing lesson in which we tell you about how to draw Iceman. Now we will draw arms in their final view. Please read about the basic muscles of the hands in this drawing lesson (step 2). And say “thank you” to Iceman for the fact that he shots the ice that hides his palms. Drawing of palms is a very difficult task, usually.

how to draw Iceman

Step 7

Well, now we will draw the outlines of the ice rays and the legs. Do not forget to draw outlines of smoke around the hands.

And the legs – it is really very easy. Just erase the extra lines and sketch out the contours of the knee.

how to draw Iceman from x men

Step 8

Let’s draw the lines that will cover the icy road. These lines must be either straight or only slightly curved. In this rule there is only one exception: the line at the turn of the road must have a very strong bend. As you have noticed, the curves inside the road contour repeat the bends of the road itself.

Iceman drawing

Step 9

In the last step we will draw small shadows.More precisely, it’s not even shadows, but just areas covered with very light hatching.

how to draw Iceman

We love comics very much and like to draw different characters from different comics, and we want all our readers to be able to draw like real comic artists. So visit our category called “Comics” to improve your skills in drawing.

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