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How to Draw a Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo drawing

Hello, dear artists. Today we want to show you how to draw a Super Nintendo. This console rules the game industry long before the war between PlayStation and the XBox. This is one of the most famous and probably the best console of the early 90s. Many children had it and the rest dreamed of buying a SNES.


Step 1

In Japan and in the US this console looked slightly differently. Here we draw a version that could be bought in the US. So sketch out a flat box as a guide for a body of Xbox.

how to draw a Super Nintendo

Step 2

Now we sketch out the detail that we hold in hands during the whole process of the gaming – the gamepad. Draw it with very light lines. Also sketch out the wire.

how to draw a snes

Step 3

Now let’s take care of the details. We will draw them with very light and translucent lines. Now sketch out the d-pad and buttons on the gamepad. On the body of the gamepad sketch out the buttons and switches.

how to sketch a Super Nintendo

Step 4

Now let’s work at the final details. Using clear and dark lines draw out the body of our Super Nintendo.

learn to draw a Super Nintendo step by step

Step 5

Here we will do the same with the controller of our Super Nintendo. Carefully draw out the rounded contours of the gamepad, buttons and wire.

how to draw a Super Nintendo

Step 6

Now let’s give our console a more three-dimensional and realistic look. Shade those areas where the light does not fall.

Super Nintendo drawing

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