How to Draw Hermes Conrad

How to draw Hermes Conrad

After we started our series of drawing lessons about Futurama characters, many of our readers began to ask us to make lessons about all the characters in this series. And so we decided to make a lesson about how to draw Hermes Conrad – a jamaican bureaucrat of level 34 and accountant in “Planet Express.


Step 1

First of all, we sketch the head in the form of a circle and torso in the form of an oval.

How to draw Hermes Conrad

Step 2

In the second step, according to tradition, we sketch out the arms and legs of the character.

Learn how to draw

Step 3

Draw rectangular glasses and pupils in the form of dots. Next, draw a wide nose.

How to draw cartoons

Step 4

We move a little higher and neatly draw out the outlines of curly hair of Hermes.

How to draw

Step 5

Here we will deal with the lower part of the face, drawing a smiling mouth, a small ear and the outline of the neck.

How to draw futurama

Step 6

Now we will move on to the torso, drawing out the outlines of the collar of shirt, belly and collar of the jacket.

How to draw Hermes Conrad from the futurama

Step 7

ue to working with the torso, drawing out the shoulders and long sleeves as in our example.

Learn how to draw Hermes Conrad easy

Step 8

The simplest step of this tutorial, in which we draw the outlines of the hands and the bottom edge of the shirt.

How to draw Hermes Conrad from futurama

Step 9

And in the very last step of this lesson we will draw out Hermes Conrad’s pants and shoes.

How to draw Hermes Conrad

So, the another lesson about the another character from the series Futurama is completed, and now you know how to draw Hermes Conrad. If you have any wishes for future lessons, then write us about it. This you can write either in the comments to this article, or in our social networks or directly to us by e-mail [email protected].

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