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How to Draw Hello Kitty

hello kitty drawing

This very simple and cute drawing lesson will show you how to draw Hello Kitty – one of the most recognizable drawn characters in the world.

Hello Kitty, was invented back in 1974. This simple, but very memorable image of a white kitten was created by Shintaro Tsuji – the owner of a toy store. It is known that for a long time Shintaro doubt when choosing a name for a cat, the main options were «White Kitty» and «Hello Kitty».

So, let’s begin this lesson and learn how to draw Hello Kitty!


Step 1

At first draw an oval. This will be the head of our Kitty. Do not try to give this oval too dark outlines, because in the future you will have to erase part of this geometric figure.

how to draw Hello Kitty

Step 2

Draw the shape of the body. Please note that Hello Kitty’s torso is quite a bit higher than the head but noticeably narrower.

how to draw Hello Kitty step by step

Step 3

Using a couple of simple and smooth lines draw the arms of Hello Kitty. By the way, in order to check the proportionality of your Hello Kitty drawing, you can look at it through a mirror.

how to draw Hello Kitty for beginners

Step 4

At the top of the head skethc out a couple of triangles with slightly rounded sides, it will be the contours of the ears of Hello Kitty.

how to draw hello kitty whole body

Step 5

Draw a bow at the top of the head next to the ear. It consists of three parts. Don’t forget to draw a couple of folds on the bow as shown in our example.

how to draw Hello Kitty bow

Step 6

Facial features are going to be very, very simple. Just below the conditional middle draw a pair of black dots for the eyes and oval for the nose. Draw the whiskers, which look like three short strokes on each side.

how to draw Hello Kitty head

Step 7

Round off the contours of the body and draw the legs. Draw the lines on the body and hands. Try to use darker and clearer lines.

how to draw hello kitty face

Step 8

Erase the guidelines from your Hello Kitty drawing and darken the lines. After that, you can trace Hello Kitty drawing with a liner or marker and color it.

hello kitty drawing

The lesson in which we told you about how to draw Hello Kitty step by step came to an end. We hope this tutorial was useful. If this lesson is too easy for you, we recommend you to visit the tutorial on how to draw Wolverine – another lesson about a character with claws.

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