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How to Draw Louie Anderson

louie anderson pencile drawing

We have prepared for you a new drawing tutorial in which we teach you how to draw Louie Anderson. Many of you may remember this good and funny boy.

Louis is surrounded by his large family, school bullies, and friends with whom he communicates, constantly commenting on events from the point of view of his unusual inner world.

let’s get down to this lesson and learn how to draw Louie Anderson.


Step 1

At first, draw a circle (same as when you draw an apple). Below the first circle draw another one. It should look like a snowman. These circles will help you to draw a head and body. Similar outlines were in our lesson about Winnie the Pooh.

how to draw louie anderson

Step 2

Sketch the outlines of the thick and rounded legs. Recall that the lines created at the very beginning should not be dark, because in the future they will have to be corrected and erased.

how to draw louie anderson step by step

Step 3

Now sketch out the lines for the symmetry of the face. First, draw a smooth vertical line that divides the face in two. Then, just below the center of the face, sketch out the line of the eyes. Just below this line, sketch the line of the nose and mouth. Draw the hairline at the top of the head.

how to draw louie anderson from life with louie

Step 4

Now, using the guidelines from the previous step, sketch out the eyes, mouth, cheeks, chin, and ear. All these details should be sketched with very rough and general lines.

drawing louie anderson

Step 5

Draw the hair and facial features. At first, draw the shape of the haircut. Then draw the parting and hair lines (they are drawn from the roots to the tips). Using clear and dark lines trace the details of the face.

how to draw louie anderson from fox kids

Step 6

Erase the guidelines from the head and begin to draw the body. Louie wears a polo shirt, so draw the collar, short sleeves, and a button. Draw the line of shorts.

drawing fox kids

Step 7

Draw thick arms with palms slightly bent back. The lines of the arms should be smooth and rounded. Draw the bottom lines of the shorts.

how to draw louie anderson

Step 8

Draw the legs of Louie. After that, erase all the remaining guidelines and draw shoes. Then, draw details on the shoes as in our example.

louie anderson pencile drawing

In this tutorial, we showed you how to draw a good boy, but if you want to draw an evil boy, we recommend you our tutorial on how to draw Eric Cartman. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Visit our website as often as possible. We have many interesting and informative tutorials.

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