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How to Draw Astro Boy

Astro Boy drawing

Drawing lessons about comic book characters are among the most popular on our site. Most often, we draw characters from the universes of Marvel and DC, but our readers often ask us to draw other comic book characters. And today we will show you how to draw Astro Boy.


Step 1

This lesson will be extremely simple. We will start with the fact that we sketch out the outlines of the circle head and body of Astroboy. For this step, we used very simple geometric shapes, such as circles and cylinders. It is very important to remember that the lines should be very light.

How to draw Astro Boy

Step 2

To further make it easier to draw Astro Boy, in this step we will draw the most basic details. Let’s start with the head and draw the outlines of the eyes and an unusual hairstyle. Next, sketch out the fingers, shorts and shoes. This step should also be drawn using the most light lines.

How to draw Astro Boy manga

Step 3

Draw out the oval eyes and round pupils inside them. Next, we draw out the outlines of the face and hairstyle of Astro Boy. Draw the nose, mouth, ear and frown brows of our character. If you did everything the same way as in our example, then go to the next step.

How to sketch Astro Boy

Step 4

A rather simple step in which we will only need to circle the outlines of the torso and arms. Carefully draw fingers and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the Astro Boy drawing. Note that in this drawing there should not be too many realistic details, only the most basic contours.

How to draw Astro Boy manga

Step 5

It is time to draw Astro Boy’s legs. Continuing the line of the torso gently draws the legs and shoes. In the same step, we need to draw the fire coming from the feet of our character. In the same step, we will need to erase all unnecessary guidelines from our drawing.

Astro Boy drawing tutorial

Step 6

Here is the last step of the lesson on how to draw Astro Boy. In this step we will need to paint the eyes, hair and shorts, leaving a little glare, as our artists did. By the way, another small detail – the eyelashes, which must be drawn with the help of very short lines.

Astro Boy drawing

As you can see, this lesson was extremely simple, and we hope that even aspiring artists could cope with it. If you encounter any problems, be sure to write us about it. Also feel free to write to us if you have any suggestions or criticism about our site and drawing lessons.

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