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How to Draw Eyes Easy

In this drawing tutorial we will tell you how to draw eyes easy. We already have quite a few eye drawing lessons, but from the comments we see that this is a very important topic.

This is very logical, because very often the eyes express the atmosphere of the whole picture. A ridiculous or accidental mistake in drawing the eyes distorts the whole drawing despite the excellent drawing technique of everything else.

Step 1

Firstly, draw two crossed lines. The vertical line should show symmetry and divide the drawing into two equal halves. The horizontal line should show the middle of the eye contours.

Step 2

Secondly, draw the upper border of the eye using the lines from the previous step. These two figures should be very similar, but avoid perfect symmetry.

Step 3

Now add the bottom borders of the eyes. The distance between them and the horizontal line is much smaller than in the case of the upper borders

Step 4

Add another outline layer, which is located inside the shape from the previous step. By the way, we have a special eye anatomy lesson that will help you better understand what exactly you are drawing.

Step 5

Depict the skin folds around the eyes. It is slightly wider than the eyelid area. More lines in this step correspond to the older age of the character. It can also be a more frowning and focused look.

Step 6

One of the simplest, but very very important actions of the entire drawing lesson. In this step we will draw the pupils. It’s not just little circles. The direction of the character’s gaze and the atmosphere of the whole picture depend on the location of the pupils.

Step 7

This is the most enjoyable part of the whole lesson, isn’t it? Just remove the extra guide lines from the previous steps and enjoy the result!

We hope that you did a great job with our lesson and improved your skill as an artist. Do not forget to write in the comments what kind of lessons you would like to see on our site – it helps us to draw and is very motivating.

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