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How to Draw Francine Smith

How to draw Francine Smith

We have already drawn almost all the important characters from the American Dad series, but our list of characters of this series would not be complete without Francine Smith. As you certainly know, this is one of the main characters of the American animated series “American Daddy!”, wife of Stan Smith, mother of Hayley and Steve.


Step 1

The lesson about how to draw Francine Smith begins with the fact that we draw two eyes with simple circles.

How to draw Francine Smith

Step 2

Now draw the eyelids with simple lines and pupils in the form of dots. Sketch out the nose and move next.

How to draw Francine Smith

Step 3

Draw out the outlines of the cheek and forehead. Next, draw plump lips and the eyebrows lines above the eyes.

Learn to draw Francine Smith from family guy

Step 4

Now it’s quite a difficult step – here we will need to draw Francine’s long hair.

How to draw step by step

Step 5

Draw a thin neck with an amulet on it. Next draw the neckline of the dress.

How to draw easy

Step 6

Now carefully draw out the outlines of the dress, taking into account the curves of the body.

characters drawing

Step 7

Using clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the arms. Do not forget to draw a bracelet on the wrist.

How to draw Francine Smith

Step 8

And in the final step of this tutorial we will draw the legs and shoes of Francine Smith.

How to draw Francine Smith

We drew a lot of, but not all of the characters from the series American Dad. Write to us what lessons about the characters from this famous series you would like to see on the pages of DrawingForAll. Also be sure to write us your opinion about this article and our website in general, it is very important for us.

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