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How to Easily Draw a Car

How to draw a Mercedes-Benz easy

We usually create very complex and detailed drawing lessons about how to draw cars. But our readers are often asked to create simpler lessons that less experienced artists can cope with. In previous lessons, the team of Drawingforall.net has already drawn a Lamborghini and Ferrari in versions for beginners, and today we decided to create a kind of basic drawing lesson in which we show how to easily draw a car.


Step 1

All cars are actually drawn about the same, and the first step will traditionally describe the main features of the body of the vehicle (a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT in our example). With light and smooth movements outline the contours of the body. In the initial step, it is necessary to map out the long hood and relatively short cab, if you draw a coupe like us.

How to draw a Mercedes-Benz easy

Step 2

In the front we depict the long and aggressive headlights and the outlines of the grille between the headlights. Next, go to the middle part of the car and sketch the outlines of the front and side windows. With the help of two smooth and symmetric ovals we draw the wheels on our easy car drawing.

How to draw a Mercedes-Benz for beginners

Step 3

Our easy car drawing looks a bit flat, so we need to give it a bit of volume. To do this, we sketch out the outlines of the arches and add a few additional lines to the wheels, making them more voluminous. Next, depict the air intakes in the front of the car, sketch the rear-view mirror and the door.

Learn how to draw a Mercedes-Benz step by step

Step 4

In the previous three stages, we outlined a rough base sketch of the car, which we need to detail. In order not to be mistaken, this process must be started from the front of the car. Using clear pencil lines, trace the outline of the hood and the bumper. Depict the headlights and grille, with a car logo in the middle.

How to draw a Mercedes easy

Step 5

We show how to draw a car easily on the example of a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, so that you can see a classic coupe with a single door and narrow side window. But you can of course draw a classic two-door sedan or even a lemuzin. So, here, as in the fourth step, we will trace the top of the car, including the windows and the rear-view mirror.

How to draw a Mercedes for beginners step by step

Step 6

In the sixth step of the instruction on how to easily draw a car, we will work with the side of the vehicle. As mentioned above, we draw a coupe with a characteristic single door. Circle the door itself, or draw another door to get a sedan. Remove unnecessary guidelines from the car body, add a handle and an air intake as in the example drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

how to easily draw a car step by step

Step 7

Now, dear artists, we need to be much more careful, because in the seventh step of the tutorial about how to easily draw a car, we will depict the wheels, or rather trace their outlines. Using very clear and dark lines, circle the wheels carefully, erasing any remaining unnecessary guidelines.

car drawing tutorial

Step 8

The final step of the instruction on how to easily draw a car will be drawing rims. Traditionally, first draw the center of the rims and then the spokes, which diverge from center to edges. To make the car more aggressive, draw large rims, as in the example of the artists of Drawingforall.net.

how to easily draw a car

As it was already written in the intro, the guide on how to easily draw a car is a kind of basic instruction for those who want to learn how to draw cars. Use this instruction to draw your favorite car.


  1. I know a very good and easy car for beginners and still looks good

  2. This car is so easy to draw and the outcome is fantastic. Love the drawing activity. I highly recommend it.

  3. I hate how it’s supposed to be easy yet I spent 30 mins on step 1 alone!

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