How to Draw Duffman from the Simpsons

How to draw Duffman

In this lesson, dedicated to the next character from the Simpsons show, we want to show you how to draw Duffman. Barry Huffman – known mostly for his working name Duffman, a talisman and a representative of the company Duff Beer. There are actually several people who play the role of Duffman.


Step 1

Let’s start with the basic outlines of Duffman’s body. We sketch out the head in the form of a circle and torso.

How to draw Duffman

Step 2

Now we sketch out the hands behind the head of our character and legs.

How to draw Duffman step by step

Step 3

An extremely simple step in which we draw glasses and a pointed nose.

Learn how to draw Duffman

Step 4

Move a little higher and draw out the outlines of the cap and the inscription Duff on the front.

Learn how to draw Duffman step by step

Step 5

Using a long and curved line, draw out the upper lip and ear.

How to draw Duffman from the Simpsons

Step 6

We continue to draw the mouth, drawing the lower lip and teeth with the help of vertical lines.

How to draw the simpsons

Step 7

Now let’s move on to the torso. Carefully draw out the shape of the torso and the inscription on his chest.

How to draw the simpsons step by step

Step 8

Move to the arms, drawing the muscles with the help of dark and curved lines. Do not forget to draw gloves.

How to draw Duffman step by step

Step 9

This step is probably the easiest. Here we just need to draw a belt with cans on it.

How to draw Duffman easy

Step 10

Draw pants and shorts on top of the pants (by the way, do not you know why superheroes wear shorts on top of their pants?)

How to draw Duffman step by step

Step 11

Another one pretty simple step of this lesson in which we will need to draw big Duffman boots.

Duffman drawing tutorial

Step 12

And the last step of this lesson in which we will need to draw a cape with the help of long and curved lines.

How to draw Duffman

As in the previous lessons has been said repeatedly, the Simpsons is a series in which there is a huge number of the most stereotyped characters. And Duffman is one of the most stereotypical characters, which combines a stereotypical superhero and an advertising mascot.

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