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How to Draw Dagoth Ur

how to draw dagoth ur from the elder scrolls
Hello, dear lovers of boundless world of the Elder Scrolls. In today’s lesson we will show you how to draw the main enemy from the legendary Morrowind. As you have guessed we will show you how to draw Dagoth Ur from Morrowind. Dagoth Ur – the main enemy of the Temple. Population of Morrowind demonized him, fear him, hate him. Inquisition pursues and destroys the cultists who worship him. Even his name is not made to say aloud.


Step 1

First select the position of the character. In our example, Dagoth Ur stands with divorced hands. At first we draw the head in a shape of an oval. Draw two intersecting lines which will help us to draw the facial features. Then sketch out the body (neck, shoulders,spine and limbs) using simple lines.

how to draw dagoth ur

Step 2

Here, using simple geometric figures, we add flesh to the body Dagoth Ur. Draw the neck in the shape of cylinder. Sketch out the torso. In accordance with the canons of male figure the shoulders should be wider than the waist. Draw the pelvis in the shape of triangle. Draw shoulders, elbows and knees using circles. Draw the arms and legs in the shape of modified cylinders. Sketch out the hands and feet.

how to draw dagoth ur from morrowind

Step 3

Here we draw the famous mask of Dagoth Ur. At first draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Please note that the facial features do not have to be natural, as it is a mask. Sketch out the narrow beard below the mouth. At the top of the head draw three long and narrow cylinders diverging as rays. Around the face draw the edge of the mask in the shape an oval that is slightly wider than the face

drawing lesson

Step 4

Here we add details to the face of Dagoth Ur. Firstly we erase all guides from the face. Draw out the lines of the eyes, nose, mouth and beard. Add some wrinkles to the face of mask. On the forehead draw an inverted triangle, which is actually the third eye. At the end of this step draw a pattern around the face of Dagoth Ur.

learn how to draw dagoth ur

Step 5

In this step of the drawing lesson on how to draw Dagoth Ur we proceed to the torso. At first draw the draw the continuation of the mask around his neck. Draw large pectoral muscles. Draw out the lines of the torso. Below the pectorals draw the abdominals.

how to draw morrowind

Step 6

Here we are finishing to draw arms of Dagoth Ur. Draw out the lines of the arms gradually erasing the guidelines. Draw lines on the deltoids and biceps. Draw the bracers. At the end of this step draw hands with long tapered fingers.

drawing tutorial

Step 7

Here we do the same actions, but with the legs. First draw the belt and hanging down fabric. Circle the lines of the legs gradually erasing guidelines. Draw the knees and muscles of legs. Using short curved lines draw the stripes on shins. Note, that they should be placed in a random order. At the end of this step draw the pointed toes of Dagoth Ur.

dagoth ur drawing

Step 8

And at the last step of the tutorial on how to draw Dagoth Ur from Morrowind we add shadows. First we have to think of where from the light falls. Then using light lines draw the borders of shadows. And in the end we draw the shadow using hatching. If in a certain area you want to make the shadow darker than just add another layer of shading. Don’t forget to paint out the eyes.

how to draw dagoth ur

The lesson on how to draw Dagoth Ur from the Elder Scrolls Morrowind came to an end. Then be sure to write it in the comments section below this article. We would be very grateful if you share this lesson and subscribe to our updates on social networks. Do you have any observations about this drawing lesson or suggestions for future tutorials?

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