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How to Draw Boba Fett

how to draw boba fett step by step

Today we will show you how to draw Boba Fett. This character is a great example of unplanned success. The fact is that Boba Fett was conceived as a random character who appears on the screen for a few seconds. He subsequently became one of the most popular Star Wars characters.


Step 1

We see the figure of a tall young man. Let’s use a stickman to indicate the features of our character’s physique, his posture and position on a piece of paper. Growth is equal to the total length of 6.5-7 heads. The chest is much wider than the pelvis. Legs spaced shoulder width approximately apart. The arms are bent at the elbow joints under the straight (right hand) and obtuse (left hand) angles.

How to Draw Boba Fett

Step 2

Divide the head of our bounty hunter into four equal parts. After that, we turn over the body with the help of smooth lines that connect the pelvis and chest. At the end of the step, we connect the head and chest with a small strong cylinder to get the neck.

How to draw Boba Fett step by step

Step 3

Boba Fett has a rather loose suit of dense fabric, so we do not see the relief of the muscles. By the way, if you want to work with embossed muscles, you can look at the article about Captain America.

And we will draw the contours of the hands that look like cylinders that are separated by large balls. Only the forearm has a very slight narrowing; the rest of the arms are quite wide because of the suit.

How to draw Boba Fett step by step easy

Step 4

Now we outline the legs with three-dimensional shapes. These are again cylinders and balls, but now these figures still have small narrowings. The thigh has a smooth narrowing towards the knee and the lower leg first slightly widens and then sharply narrows.

How to draw Boba Fett easy

Step 5

So we have an approximate silhouette of Boba Fett. But if we look at it now, we can’t guess the legendary bounty hunter here, right? Let’s fix it and add the characteristics of a suit and armor.

We will draw a helmet that extends significantly downward and forms an obtuse angle at the bottom edge. After that, we add protection on the shoulders and large pockets on the hips. At the end of the step, we outline the contours of the gun.

How to draw Boba Fett from star wars

Step 6

Everyone probably knows the contours of this helmet. Boba Fett became one of the most popular characters in all episodes of Star Wars, despite the fact that he appeared on the screen very very rarely. So in this step we will outline the contours of Boba Fett’s super-popular helmet. First draw a slit for the eyes and then surround it with smooth curved lines. It will look like a helmet of a medieval knight.

How to draw Boba Fett from star wars easy

Step 7

In this step, we outline the contours of the armor that covers the upper body. It looks like two symmetrical plates that are curved in the center. There are several pockets with various combat gadgets on the belt. Let’s portray this.

How to draw Boba Fett from star wars step by step

Step 8

Fine! Now we can begin to detail the arms. The most difficult moment is working with the fingers of our hero. By the way, do not forget to look into a special lesson on how to draw hands. Pay special attention to the shape, size and location of Boba Fett’s fingers. In addition, we draw shoulders and bracelets that protect the forearm.

boba fett drawing

Step 9

So we are nearing the end of this challenging drawing guide. Here we will draw another huge pocket on the hips, protection of the knee joints and also large folds of tissue that are located on the distal parts of the legs of our Boba Fett.

boba fett easy drawing

Step 10

Recently, we decided to highlight one step so that you can evaluate your drawing. Here we look at the correct proportions, baselines and small details. In general, Boba Fett’s vestments and weapons are full of small details, so you should carefully consider the whole figure. If you have not noticed any distortions or inaccuracies, you can delete all unnecessary lines and proceed to the last step.

boba fett easy drawing guide

Step 11

Now we will work with the shadows. First, we outline the boundaries of areas where light does not fall. After that, we use smooth shading to create light shadows.

boba fett drawing tutorial

Step 12

You should get something like this. We hope that your result exceeded our result.

how to draw boba fett step by step for kids

So we completed the guide on how to draw Boba Fett from Star Wars. Do not forget to write to us in the comments about whether you liked our lesson. We are also waiting for criticism and comments from you, dear readers. We try to do the best drawing lessons in the world.

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