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How to Draw a OnePlus 5t

How to draw a Oneplus 5t

Today we will tell you how to draw a OnePlus 5t. This is not the most famous smartphone however it is very popular in the USA and in many European countries.


Step 1

First, draw an ordinary parallelogram. You can use the ruler, but it will be better if you try to draw by hand.

How to draw a Oneplus 5t


Step 2

Now make the corners rounded.This detail makes smartphone’s corpus more attractive and ergonomic.

How to draw a smartphone


Step 3

Now with the help of straight lines draw out the large touch screen. Note that the lateral lines and lines from the top differ in thickness.

How to draw a mobile phone


Step 4

In the side part of OnePlus 5t draw pair buttons.

Oneplus 5t drawing tutorial

Step 5

With the help of pair light lines draw glare on the screen. Using dense hatching draw shadows as we did.

How to draw a Oneplus 5t

As we said at the beginning of the lesson, it will be cool if you draw this smartphone without using of a ruler. So we hope it was not a very difficult lesson. See you soon on DFA!

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