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How to Draw a Bracelet

How to draw a bracelet

Mankind has existed for many millennia, and during all this time, people invented a variety of jewelry. People wore rings, amulets, earrings, etc., but probably one of the most ancient and popular types of jewelry is a bracelet. And today we want to tell and show you how to draw a bracelet.


Step 1

To accurately draw a bracelet, we need to sketch the outlines of the bracelet in the form of a simple oval. Inside this oval, we sketch another oval, smaller. All these lines should be performed without strong pressure on the pencil, so as not to create problems for yourself with correcting and erasing unnecessary lines.

How to draw a bracelet

Step 2

With the help of simple circles, sketch the location of the pearls. Keep in mind that in the side parts some pearls will partially overlap others. It is very important that the pearls be round, but on this stage it is not necessary to make them perfect, here we need to mark their location.

Learn how to draw a bracelet

Step 3

Using dark lines (or ink) carefully draw out the pearls. In this step, we need to make all the pearls perfectly smooth and round. Next, using an eraser, delete unnecessary guidelines from the bracelet. If you did everything right, then your bracelet drawing should look something like what you see below.

How to draw a pearl bracelet

Step 4

Now, with the help of hatching, apply shadows in the form of a semicircle in the lower parts of the pearls. The shadows in our drawing serve not only to emphasize lights and shadows, but also to more clearly show the volume of the bangle.

Bracelet drawing

The lesson on how to draw a bracelet is complete. Today we drew a pearl bracelet, but this lesson can be useful when drawing other types of bracelets or pearl chains. By the way, in the category “Clothes” we have prepared for you a huge number of very different lessons in which we tell how to draw clothes and jewelry.

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