How to Draw a Bracelet

How to draw a bracelet

Mankind has existed for many millennia, and during all this time, people invented a variety of jewelry. People wore rings, amulets, earrings, etc., but probably one of the most ancient and popular types of jewelry is a bracelet. And today we want to tell and show you how to draw a bracelet.


Step 1

First we sketch the outlines of the bracelet in the form of a simple oval. Inside this oval, we sketch another oval, smaller.

How to draw a bracelet

Step 2

With the help of simple circles, sketch the location of the pearls. Keep in mind that in the side parts some pearls will partially overlap others.

Learn how to draw a bracelet

Step 3

Using dark lines (or ink) carefully draw out the pearls. Next, using an eraser, delete unnecessary guidelines from the bracelet.

How to draw a pearl bracelet

Step 4

Now, with the help of hatching, we apply shadows in the form of a semicircle in the lower parts of the pearls.

Bracelet drawing

The lesson on how to draw a bracelet is complete. Today we drew a pearl bracelet, but this lesson can be useful when drawing other types of bracelets or pearl chains. By the way, in the category “Clothes” we have prepared for you a huge number of very different lessons in which we tell how to draw clothes and jewelry.

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