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How to Draw Stan Smith from American Dad

How to Draw Stan Smith from American Dad

Today we are going to draw the head of the Smith family – Stan Smith. Stan is the main protagonist of the series “American Dad” authored by Seth Macfarlane (creator of Family Guy).

 Despite the weird title, the series was very high quality and distinctive, has its own atmosphere and stylistics of humor.

Stan Smith is the stereotypical CIA agent, a real superhero and an exemplary family man. He looks very grotesque with his huge chin that almost more than the rest of the body. And so, let’s learn how to draw Stan Smith from American Dad.


Step 1

At the first step we draw the stickman. The proportions of the body have little to do with the proportions of a real man. As we have said, Stan Smith is very grotesque, and it is already noticeable in the first step. So, draw the head, using a big circle. Using simple lines, sketch out the body. Pay attention to the broad shoulders and the ratio of the lengths of the trunk and legs: the body is very long, and the legs are disproportionately short.

How to Draw Stan Smith from American Dad


Step 2

Now create a silhouette of Stan Smith, adding volume to his figure. Hands and feet are represented by cylinders. The body tapers down due to a very broad chest and narrow waist. Do not forget about the hallmark of our hero – a huge strong-willed (as he described) chin. Here we outline the pair of facial lines – vertical (shows us the facial symmetry) and horizontal (line of the eyes).

How to Draw Stan Smith from American Dad


Step 3

Draw the details of the face. His eyes look like a couple of laps. Above the eyes draw the brows, using short lines. Draw the contours of the haircut (note, that hair and eyebrows are located very close to each other). With a curved line draw the nose, a with a pair of lines, similar to Smiley, denote the mouth.

How to Draw Stan Smith from American Dad step by step


Step 4

Continue lesson on how to draw Stan Smith. Erase the extra lines from the face, circle the facial contours. Draw the teeth and tongue. Draw a small line inside the contour of the ear.

How to DrawAmerican Dad


Step 5

Our hero works for the CIA, so he must wear a appropriate formal suit. In this step, draw a jacket and tie. Do not forget about the important details, such as buttons and an icon in the form of an American flag on the right lapel of us. Draw the contours of the pants and shoes. Also draw the hands of Stan Smith as in our example.

How to Draw Stan Smith


Step 6

Erase all remaining guidelines from Stan Smith. Circle the lines, making them smooth and clean, and Stan Smith is ready!

How to Draw Stan Smith from American Dad


We will be very happy, if this drawing lesson will help you learn, how to draw Stan Smith from American Dad step by step.

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