How to Draw Chibi Dr. Strange

Chibi Dr. Strange drawing

The team of loves Marvel comics, as well as the films on these comics. And probably our favorite movie in this wonderful universe is Dr. Strange. We already have a lesson on how to draw Dr. Strange, but this lesson will be much nicer and more cartoon, because here we will show you how to draw chibi Dr. Strange.


Step 1

The main feature of chibi people is their unusual ratio of body parts. They have a very big head and a relatively small body. In the first step of the lesson on how to draw chibi Dr. Strange, we need to outline the head and torso.

How to draw Dr. Strange for kids

Step 2

The eyes of chibi persons are very large, and therefore we mark the lower line of the eyes very low. In the same stage, we sketch the center of the face by one line. In the same second step, we will need to outline the arms and legs of Dr. Strange.

How to draw cartoon Dr. Strange

Step 3

So far, our Dr. Strange drawing looks like a simple puppet, and the task of the third step is to draw the main parts on the body. Outline the face, hair, details of the suit, including the famous cape, as well as fingers clenched in the Strange’s imitative gesture.

How to draw chibi Dr. Strange

Step 4

The fourth step of the lesson on how to draw Dr. Strange will be devoted to the details. According to the good old tradition we start with the head, tracing the doctor’s charismatic face and his hair. Clean the drawing by removing unwanted lines from the head.

How to draw chibi Dr. Strange for kids

Step 5

In the fifth step of the lesson on how to draw Dr. Strange, we will draw the body. Circle the suit, long cape and wide belt. In the same step, detail the arms and legs. Completely clean the Dr. Strange drawing with the help of an eraser.

Chibi Dr. Strange drawing tutorial

Step 6

Shadows in comics are drawn in a certain style, and are dark and contrasting. But in this lesson we decided to make them in another version, drawing shadows with the help of a very light hatching. If your Dr. Strange drawing is similar to ours, then you did everything right.

How to draw chibi Dr. Strange

But if your Dr. Strange drawing is very different from ours, and it seems to you that you can make it even better, then try either to draw Dr. Strange from scratch, or go back to the step where you made a mistake and correct all the inaccuracies.


  1. Dr. Strange is my favorite Superhero, so thank you for making this. IT IS SO CUTE!!

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