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How to Draw Chibi Venom

How to draw a chibi Venom

We really like comics and especially Marvel Universe. Not long ago, we began to draw characters from this universe in the chibi style. We have already drawn chibi Spider-Man and chibi Iron Man, and today we want to continue this topic with a lesson on how to draw chibi Venom.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head of our charismatic villain. Draw it in the form of a circle and draw two lines on the face.

How to draw a chibi Venom

Step 2

Next, using very light lines, sketch out the outlines of the body of Venom as in our example.

Learn how to draw a chibi Venom

Step 3

Let’s get down to the details of the drawing. Using dark and clear lines draw out the outlines of the head, sharp teeth and eyes.

How to draw a chibi Venom step by step

Step 4

The simplest step of this drawing lesson is that we erase the extra lines from the head and draw a long tongue.

How to sketch a chibi Venom

Step 5

And the last step in which we draw out the hands with sharp claws, torso and legs of our Venom.

How to draw a chibi Venom

As you could see – the lesson about how to draw chibi Venom was extremely simple. Perhaps this is one of the easiest drawing lessons on our website. We have many such lessons in the sections “Anime” and “For Beginners”, where you can find a lesson to your taste. In the future, we want to draw a lot more similar drawing lessons about different characters of chibi and not only. So stay tuned for updates on our website and subscribe to us in social networks.


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