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How to Draw a Chibi Zombie

How to draw a chibi zombie

Myths and legends about zombies have appeared for a very long time and are very firmly entrenched in mass culture. We often see them in different films, games and cartoons. And of course the appearance of zombies everywhere is very different from each other. Today we want to show the cutest version of this creature in the lesson on how to draw a chibi zombie.


Step 1

The lesson about the chibi zombie we begin with the fact that we draw a rounded head. On the head we sketch out two intersecting lines.

How to draw a chibi zombie

Step 2

Now we sketch a rounded torso and short limbs. Pay attention that the head and torso are approximately equal in size.

How to sketch a chibi zombie

Step 3

Now, with the help of intersecting lines on the head, we draw eyes, ears and mouth with teeth. On the body sketch out the torn clothes.

How to draw a chibi zombie step by step

Step 4

Now, with a more strong press on the pencil draw out the outlines of the head and the details on the head as in our example.

How to draw a chibi zombie easy

Step 5

Here, also using dark lines and a stronger push on the pencil, we draw the upper body of our chibi zombie.

How to draw a chibi zombie

Step 6

Here we do the same, but with the lower part of the body of the zombie, that is, draw out the details with a strong click on the pencil.

How to draw a chibi zombie

At the end of the step, do not forget to remove all the unnecessary auxiliary lines that we drew in the first, second and third steps. If you draw these lines with light lines, then you can easily erase them. If you liked this lesson, and you want to draw other similar characters, then be sure to visit our categories under the titles “Anime” and “For Beginners.”


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