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How to Draw a Chibi Dragon

How to draw a chibi dragon

Very long ago we created a lesson on how to draw a dragon step by step. This lesson was very difficult, and many of our readers asked us to create another lesson about a dragon, more simple. And so we decided to create a lesson about how to draw a chibi dragon.


Step 1

The drawing lesson begins with the head. Here we sketch out the outlines of a round head, on which we draw two intersecting lines. On the head we sketch rounded ears.

How to draw a chibi dragon

Step 2

Now sketch out a long rounded dragon’s torso and small round paws. The first and second steps were drawn using very light lines, starting with the next step we use more dark lines.

2 How to draw a cute chibi dragon

Step 3

Using the intersecting lines from the first step draw shiny eyes on the head of our cute chibi dragon. Be sure to shade the pupils with dense hatching.

How to draw cute chibi

Step 4

Now, using clear and smooth lines, carefully draw out the outline of the head of the chibi dragon. Next, draw a mouth with protruding fangs and eyebrows above the eyes.

How to draw a chibi dragon step by step

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the torso of our chibi dragon. Draw short wings and a comb on the back, which begins at the neck and ends at the tip of the tail.

Chibi dragon drawingtutorial

Step 6

Here we finish drawing the torso. Draw a rounded belly and rounded paws of our sweet creature. By the way, do not forget to erase all unnecessary guidelines from the first two steps.

How to draw a chibi dragon

If you followed our tips exactly, now you know how to draw a chibi dragon. If you liked this lesson, and you want to learn to draw something else similar, then visit the “Anime” category on our website, where you will find a whole sea of different drawing lessons about chibi characters.


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