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How to Draw Chibi Flash

How to draw chibi Flash

One of the most popular sections on our site is a category under the name “Comics”, in which, as you understand, we publish lessons about characters from comic books. But these lessons are very difficult, and many of our readers often ask us to create lessons about characters from comics, but drawn in a more simplified form. Therefore, we decided to start creating lessons about superheroes and supervillains drawn in the chibi style. So, the theme of today’s lesson is how to draw chibi Flash.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head, drawing it in the form of such a round figure. Next, draw two intersecting lines on the head.

How to draw chibi Flash

Step 2

Now outline the torso of chibi Flash, which is much smaller than the torso of an ordinary person.

How to sketch chibi Flash

Step 3

Now using the horizontal line from the previous step, we draw eyes and pupils with glare inside them.

Learn how to draw chibi Flash step by step

Step 4

Carefully draw out the outlines of the head, openings of the mask, mouth and lightning with the help of clear lines.

Chibi Flash drawing lesson

Step 5

Now move to the torso, drawing all outlines with the help of clear lines. Remove unnecessary guidelines and draw lightnings on the suit.

How to draw chibi Flash

As you can see, this lesson was quite simple, since we drew Flash in the chibi style. In the category “Anime” on our site you will find many more similar drawing lessons. So go to this section and learn to draw with us. And in order not to miss a single lesson from us, subscribe to our social networks and visit DrawingForAll as often as possible.

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