How to Draw Chibi Deadshot

How to draw chibi Deadshot

As it was said before, in many our other tutorials, we like comics very much and try to make as many lessons about comic book characters as possible. But all lessons from the category “Comics” on our site are very complex, and so we decided to start creating drawing lessons about comic book characters in the chibi style. So, as part of this series of drawing lessons, today we’ll show you how to draw chibi Deadshot.


Step 1

First, take a pencil in hand and sketch out the outlines of the rounded head of our chibi Deadshot. At the first step also sketch out two lines on the surface of the head.

How to draw chibi Deadshot

Step 2

Now let’s deal with the body of Deadshot, outlining it in the form of a simple geometric figure. Next, in the same step, we sketch out the arms and legs.

How to sketch chibi Deadshot

Step 3

Let’s start to deal with the details. And by tradition, we start by draw the eyes. Note that the left eye is closed with a very cool and unusual sight.

Learn how to draw Deadshot chibi

Step 4

With the help of smooth lines draw out the outlines of the head and details of the mask. Do not forget to delete all unnecessary guidelines, as shown in our example.

How to draw chibi caomics characters

Step 5

And this step will not be so simple. Here we will need to draw details of the torso and arms. Drawing these parts of the body, pay special attention to the details, trying to repeat them as in our example.

How to draw chibi Deadshot from dc

Step 6

Also quite a difficult step. Using clear and dark lines let’s draw out the outlines of the legs, also not forgetting to accurately draw the details, as shown in the example below.

How to draw chibi Deadshot

As we said, this lesson was very simple. If you have coped with this lesson without encountering difficulties, then visit our other drawing lessons from the “Anime” and “Comics” sections to continue learning how to draw. Also be sure to write us your opinion about this drawing lesson so that we know if this lesson was useful and interesting for our readers.

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