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How to Draw Chibi Eyes

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw chibi eyes. The chibi style is a very popular and unusual art style, in fact. Artists who prefer to draw chibi often borrow quite a few tricks from anime. One such technique is drawing large, expressive eyes with highlights and lots of detail. Therefore, we decided to create this guide, which contains the basic principles of drawing chibi eyes.


Step 1

Determine the exact location of the eyes on the piece of paper. If you are drawing a chibi character, select an area according to the position of the head. If you are drawing chibi eyes as your main drawing, select the center of the sheet of paper. Then draw two intersecting lines at the selected location. The horizontal line should be noticeably offset downward relative to the conditional center.

Step 2

Take a close look at your sketch. If you have chosen the correct arrangement of the lines and were not mistaken with the localization, draw two rounded shapes. Use the lines you drew earlier as a guide. The medial sides of the eyes appear as straight lines. The lower lateral lines run diagonally.

Step 3

Artists who love to paint chibi follow a certain style. Large, expressive eyes and large eyebrows are typical for this style. Therefore, in this step, you should draw large, sweeping eyebrow outlines with outlines that look like a flame. As you can see, the edges of these contours are directed on different sides.

Step 4

Drawing the pupils is one of the most important things in chibi style. The position and shape of the pupils always express the shape and direction of the gaze. With the help of pupils, you can convey the character and mood of your character. You can draw shapes that are not perfectly straight, but be sure to pay attention to their size and location.

Step 5

Delete unnecessary guidelines from chibi eyes. Add highlights that are located inside the contours of the pupils. Don’t forget to remove all lines inside the highlights. Avoid drawing extra highlights because it can distort the whole picture.

Step 6

Draw shadows. It looks like an amplitude, sweeping, single-layer hatch. However, in areas with the darkest color, you can add a second layer of hatching to add contrast to the entire drawing. You can see this in the pupil area in our drawing. It is fundamentally important not to paint over the space inside the highlights.

Step 7

So, we have completed the guide on how to draw chibi eyes. And now you can review the correctness of all shapes and outlines. After that, you can delete all the guide construction lines drawn earlier, to make your drawing look more finished. Congratulations, this is a great job!

We hope this was a really helpful tutorial. You can become a true master of chibi drawing if you practice regularly. Try to draw chibi characters from our category. It will also be useful if you draw characters that you have invented. Do not forget to leave a comment if you are happy with this drawing tutorial. We are also looking forward to your questions and criticism.

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  1. Thank you so much for this I been dying to create chibi eyes Tyyyy☺️☺️☺️

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