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How to Draw a Chibi Anime Character

Chibi anime drawing

Chibi is a style in which persons from famous anime, comics, games and other mass culture products are drawn in exaggeratedly cute and childish form. On Drawingforall.net there is a whole category in which we place everything related to drawing chibi. We have already created both basic chibi drawing lessons, and a huge amount of art instructions about specific persons drawn in chibi style. In this kind of basic instruction, we will show how to draw a chibi anime character using an image of chibi Zoro.


Step 1

To properly draw a chibi anime character, start with his head, mapping it in the form of an oval. Next, mark a small torso that is commensurate in size with the head.

How to draw chibi Roronoa Zoro

Step 2

Now outline the limbs, which should also be small, and to some extent childish. All lines of the initial steps should be performed using evry light lines.

How to draw chibi

Step 3

Now we depict the basic details on the drawing of chibi Zoro. On the head we create the details of the face and lush anime hairstyles. Move to the torso and depict the outlines of clothing and swords.

How to draw cute chibi anime

Step 4

Now we will deal with the details, first tracing all the details of the head. According to the tradition of drawing chibi, the eyes should be large and expressive, and there should be few additional lines on the head.

How to draw a Chibi anime character

Step 5

Now let’s work with the body chibi anime person drawing. Trace the body with the same dark and clear lines, as the team of Drawingforall.net did. Erase all unnecessary guidelines to clear your Chibi Zoro drawing.

Chibi anime drawing tutorial


Step 6

Now let’s work with the shadows that will help your chibi anime character drawing look more complete and solid. All shadows should be drawn with light and uniform hatching in the places indicated by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw chibi anime

So above, you went through six simple steps that described how to draw a chibi anime character. Of course, this instruction could be called differently, for example, how to draw chibi Zoro. But here we have shown in general terms how to depict any anime character in chibi stylistic. So feel free to use this instruction in order to create an artwork of any comic book and anime character in the chibi style. Be sure to subscribe to us on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook and Deviantart. There you will find a bunch of the most interesting drawings and artworks from our artists and announcements of upcoming articles.


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